Studio Course - YoYo's Forest Youth Centre

Tea Detox & Yin Yoga Sundays - 6 week course ($125) - Sunday mornings 8:00-9:15am.

Starting Sunday 16 May until Sunday 27 June 2021.


Please note there is no class on Sun 13 June - Queens Birthday long weekend.

Venue:  YoYo Youth's centre at Forestway

This 6 week course is suitable to all levels.

What is yin yoga?

Yin Yoga is the practice of allowing the body and mind to let go and release in a particular posture, working through deep tissue ligaments, joints, fascial networks and even the bones of the body, all in a deep meditative way. The idea is to work deep into the tissues to repair and strengthen them and release unwanted toxins/stress that we hold in the cells of our body.